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15 июн. 2024

Trezor launches new touchscreen hardware wallet with custom expert setup

Trezor has launched the Trezor Safe 5, a new flagship device with upgraded security features and a haptic color touchscreen, and the Trezor Expert, a personalized onboarding service for new users.

CryptoSlate was able to get hands-on with the new touchscreen device ahead of its launch at BTC Prague. The Trezor Safe 5 introduces enhanced security and usability for managing digital assets. This new device features a color touchscreen with the Trezor Touch haptic engine, providing a visually engaging interface. The device’s Secure Element is NDA-free and EAL 6+ certified, offering robust protection for sensitive information and cryptographic operations.

The Trezor Safe 5 includes an upgraded 20-word backup process that allows users to transition from a standard Single-share Backup to an Advanced Multi-share Backup. This enhanced backup method uses Shamir’s secret sharing to split the master secret key into multiple unique shares, improving security by eliminating a single point of failure. Even if some shares are lost, users can still access their crypto. To protect these backup phrases from fire, water, and physical damage, Trezor offers a 20-word version of its Trezor Keep Metal solution for $99.

The Trezor Safe 5 is encased in damage-proof Gorilla Glass and is available in finishes like Black Graphite, Violet Ore, and Green Beryl. It supports many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and thousands more, ensuring extensive compatibility for users to securely store, manage, stake, and use their crypto. The Trezor Suite desktop application and mobile app allow users to monitor their assets on the go and leverage Trezor’s network of third-party services for a customized crypto experience.

For Bitcoin enthusiasts, Trezor offers a Bitcoin-only version of the Safe 5, which removes non-Bitcoin-related features and code to provide a streamlined Bitcoin experience. Following the successful limited edition run of the Bitcoin-only Trezor Safe 3, Trezor now offers an unlimited edition of both the Bitcoin-only Trezor Safe 3 and Trezor Safe 5 in a distinct fiery orange shade.

Matěj Žák, Trezor’s Chief Executive Officer, emphasized the significance of the Trezor Safe 5, stating,

“Understandably, many crypto enthusiasts lack trust in exchanges and are looking for an easy and secure way to interact with their digital assets[…] We saw that there was an opportunity to bring something new to the sector – enter the Trezor Safe 5.”

Žák launched the Trezor Safe 5 on stage at BTC Prague 2024, where he also introduced Trezor Expert. This new service provides personalized, one-on-one online onboarding sessions for Trezor customers, helping them set up their hardware wallets. Trezor Expert aims to build user confidence in self-custody by easing customer concerns about making errors and providing knowledge on protecting digital assets.

The service offers step-by-step guidance on best practices and ensures users understand basic security concepts. Available seven days a week, Trezor Expert allows users to book sessions at their convenience, regardless of their location. The interactive learning experience encourages participants to engage with specialists, ask questions, and seek clarification to benefit from the session entirely. Trezor Expert ensures that only the customer knows the wallet backup and other sensitive information.

Matěj Žák highlighted the importance of Trezor Expert, stating,

“Newcomers to hardware wallets sometimes lack experience, knowledge, and confidence in setting up hardware wallets – turning to social media and internet research to help them through the process. We wanted to give customers access to personalized guidance from a trusted, reputable brand recognized for its commitment to security.”

Trezor Expert assists customers in correctly setting up their hardware wallets and also provides an opportunity to explore the security considerations of self-custody in more detail, covering topics such as private key management and safe online practices.

The Trezor Safe 5 is available for preorder at a retail price of $169. The Bitcoin-only and Black Graphite versions will ship at the beginning of July, while the Green Beryl and Violet Ore versions will be available by mid-August. Trezor Expert is available for purchase on the Trezor e-shop for $99.

Trezor Safe 5 hardware wallet
Trezor Safe 5 hardware wallet

The Trezor Safe 5 features include:

  • Color touchscreen and Trezor Touch haptic engine for a richer interactive experience.
  • NDA-Free, EAL 6+ certified, Secure Element designed to protect sensitive information and perform cryptographic operations.
  • An enhanced, more robust, 20-word backup process offers a seamless upgrade from a standard Single-share Backup to an Advanced Multi-share Backup.
  • All Gorilla-Glass surfaces protect the device from scratches and damage.

CryptoSlate received a Safe 5, and Trezor Keep for review purposes, which will be released after testing in the coming weeks. 

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