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03 мар. 2024

BlockDAG Poised to Be the Next Crypto to Explode While SOL and XRP Ride a Bullish Wave

Crypto market is in a frenzy, with many altcoins surging, led by the Bitcoin rally, which is in turn fuelled by inflows in spot Bitcoin ETFs. Notably, SOL price is on a roll, positioning Solana on the fifth spot in terms of market cap. XRP price is also in an uptick, even amid Ripple’s ongoing legal dispute with SEC and pessimistic outlook for potential XRP ETFs. Among presale projects, BlockDAG is currently dominating investors’ attention, standing poised to be the next crypto to explode with a projected post-launch ROI of 3233% for early investors.

The Outlook for XRP ETFs Is Dimmed by the SEC Dispute

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse expressed his position regarding the potential launch of XRP ETFs, saying they “would certainly welcome it” and that “it makes sense for the XRP community overall.”

This sparked a wave of excitement in the Ripple community. However, it didn’t last long as analysts pointed out that the likelihood of XRP ETFs approval is very slim, citing the ongoing SEC v. Ripple dispute about whether Ripple constitutes a security. Therefore, the launch of XRP ETFs is only possible if SEC deems Ripple a non-security.

SOL Price To Reach $600, Analyst Predicts

Solana (SOL) is among top-gainers in this bull run, up by 25% in a week and by 34% in a month. It also recorded a 480% surge in the past year. These gains have propelled Solana to the fifth position in market capitalization, positioning it just $3 billion shy of surpassing BNB.

Despite being almost 50% below its ATH of $260.06 on November 7, 2021, SOL price shows promising signs for growth. Notably, leading analyst Hansolar predicts Solana to be the next crypto to explode in 2024, reaching $600.

BlockDAG - The Next Crypto to Explode to Unprecedented Highs

BlockDAG (BDAG) has emerged as a standout among presale projects, presenting a remarkable 3233% ROI potential for investors who invest at the current price of $0.0015. The price is slated to rise incrementally with each subsequent presale batch, culminating at $0.05 by the final batch.

At the heart of BlockDAG's platform is the use of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology, which allows for parallel addition of blocks, boosting the ecosystem's scalability while ensuring efficient processing of transactions. On top of that, BlockDAG achieves a transaction confirmation speed of 10 blocks per second, with the goal to eventually increase it to 100 blocks.

With its focus on speed, efficiency, and scalability, BlockDAG positions itself alongside giants such as Solana, BNB, and Ripple. This potential has not gone unnoticed by investors, who have already contributed over $2.4M to the project’s ongoing presale.

In response to the overwhelming early investor interest and the $2M raised quickly, BlockDAG has announced a $2 million mega giveaway shared by 50 lucky community members. To participate in the giveaway, follow BlockDAG’s social media channels, submit your wallet address, increase your chances by completing all quests, and bring friends for additional entries!

In Summary

The crypto market is on a roll, spearheaded by Bitcoin’s ETF-driven rally. Even XRP price is in an uptick despite the ongoing dispute with SEC and bleak prospects for XRP ETFs.

Another noteworthy development is a new PoW project BlockDAG, which has garnered considerable early investor support by raising over $2.4M in just a few weeks of its presale. With the second presale batch almost sold out, the most opportune time to invest in BlockDAG is NOW as the price increases with each subsequent presale batch.

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