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30 янв. 2023

Rebel Bots Xoil Wars Play to Earn Game Launches the Fighting Bots

The Rebel Bots team is thrilled to announce that players and Land holders will soon have the opportunity to claim their very own Fighting Bot army! As the ultimate addition to complete a player's NFT Battle Set, Fighting Bots will allow players to compete for rewards and victory in Xoil Wars.

Set your alarms for January 31st 2023, 10AM UTC, when Xoilium Land NFT owners will be able to mint their team of 3 Fighting Bots (per Land owned) through the claim process on the Rebel Bots website The claim window will remain open for 2 months, closing on March 31st, 2023.

For those looking to play and earn in Xoil Wars, a Battle Set represents the collection of NFTs that a player will use to battle and compete for rewards. Each player must have a Battle Set, which includes one Land NFT - this serves as the player's home base on Planet Xoilium, and a team of 3 Fighting Bot NFTs, which are the characters players will command in battles.

Xoilium Lands can be purchased on the Opensea and Hawku marketplaces. Lands with unclaimed Fighting Bots can claim their shiny new warriors to complete their battle set and prepare for the launch of Xoil Wars, the ultimate play to earn game!

To claim 3 Fighting Bots, players who own Lands can connect their wallet on the Polygon network to the Rebel Bots website claim page. After connecting, players will be able to see the Lands they hold in their wallet inventory and any with unclaimed Fighting Bots. With the option to use the 'Claim All' feature, players and guilds with multiple Land NFTs can easily claim all available Bots. A small amount of MATIC and the signing of an approval transaction will be required to complete the claim process.

Once a Land has been used to claim Fighting Bots, the Land's traits will update accordingly and these Lands will no longer be able to claim additional Fighting Bots..

The new high-caliber team of Fighting Bots will appear in the owner’s wallet inventory. Each Fighting Bot has a range of combat stats and traits that will affect their skills and performance in battle, including Class, HP, Parts, and Passive abilities. Their stats and design including parts, rarity, and skills, are determined randomly through the claiming process using the game's card balancing algorithm.

Fighting Bots are each made of 5 parts - head, left arm, right arm, torso and legs. Each part relates to a specific card which will form your battle deck. The parts will determine the Fighting Bot’s class which may be one of three highly-specialized classes - Military, Industrial, and Engineer. Each class has their own lethal combat skills and abilities which make them valuable on the battlefield. 

Industrial Bots are the tank of the team and built to withstand the heat of battle with their massive health pools. Military Bots almost match them in size but what they lack in strength they make up for in destructive power, dealing out damage to your enemies with brutal precision. Engineers on the other hand are programmed with top quality AI which make them master tacticians with the ability to rapidly repair allies or hack and debilitate their enemies.

Explore the available Fighting Bot parts and cards using the Rebel Bots Cards Explorer and Fighting Bot prototyping tool at

Don't miss out on this opportunity to claim an army of Fighting Bots and dominate the Xoilium Kingdoms! Visit to complete your battle set and prepare for launch.


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