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27 нояб. 2022

Puli Token: King of P2E

The Team

If you like gaming and you like earning while you play, Puli is the token for you. A proven veteran in the Meme Coin and blockchain gaming categories in the BNB space, Puli is nonstop building for their investor’s future. A Certik Audit, Centralized Exchange Listings and a release of their first P2E Game, Puli Runner, are some of the notable accolades thus far for Puli Token.

Puli is a token managed by one of the strongest leadership teams in all of the BSC comprised of Christopher Johnson, Ph.D., Timothy Ojin, Mishaa Love and Shane Cook. Puli is also backed by an incredible support team including a Game Developer, Solidity Developer, NFT and 3D Designer, Branding Manager, and Marketing manager; not to mention a tremendous group of administrators and moderators on all social media platforms.

Puli is fully supported by Dr. Johnson’s company: Lightspeed Games, LLC. The company was formed in order to conduct business-to-business interactions and provide maximum resources and opportunity for growth for the mobile games.

Puli Runner

Puli Runner is the first Play 2 Earn Game released in the Puli Ecosystem which is out now and available on Android and iOS. Stellar graphics and an easy to operate gameplay make Puli Runner an addictive game for people of all ages. Avoiding obstacles and collecting as many coins as you can is the objective of the game which also includes in app purchases of multiple Puli Skins.

The Puli team is constantly running Leaderboard Contests with partner tokens giving out prizes in crypto to top players. Be sure to follow Puli on all social media to be updated on new challenges for opportunities to earn crypto while having fun.

Puli Astro

Now in Beta Testing on Android and iOS, Puli Astro is the second Play 2 Earn Game in the ecosystem which is a sci-fi space shooter game. Puli Astro will immerse players in the role of a spaceship pilot on a journey to protect the galaxy. Another game designed for players of all ages and skill levels. There are two modes included in Puli Astro: Arcade Mode and Story Mode.

Puli Astro Arcade Mode: Set out on a space adventure searching for spoils and riches. Conquer and claim a space position while upgrading a ship and enabling the P2E function. Arcade mode takes the player on an incredible journey into space.

Puli Astro Story Mode: Players must be brave enough to enter lands teeming with enemies and fearsome bosses. Reclaim lands and rescue the Puli Dogs kidnapped by evil forces! Story mode is only for the bravest and bestows the greatest rewards.

Future of Puli

The future of Puli is looking very bright with a 3rd P2E Game, Puli Degens, already in the works. With a multitude of gaming and earning opportunities, the Puli Ecosystem is a great option to get involved in for anyone’s crypto experience.

Backed by trustworthy developers and a fun atmosphere amongst the community, Puli aims to stay atop the Gaming and Meme Coin market for years to come. It’s safe to say, with Puli the opportunities are endless.

Puli Socials

Website - https://pulitoken.net

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Puli_Token

Telegram - https://t.me/Puli_Inu

Discord - https://discord.gg/w6QnZpjBZX


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