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11 мая 2020

Bitcoin completes third halving with AntPool mined block

Bitcoin officially completed the third halving as AntPool mined block 630,000 with a 6.25 BTC block reward according to Bitcoin is programmed to decrease newly issued BTC every 210,000 blocks, which occurs approximately every four years, as the network approaches the maximum supply of 21 million BTC.

Why it matters: - Bitcoin is the only monetary institution in the world currently tightening its monetary policy. In a post-coronavirus world with central banks inflating money supplies at historic rates, emerging markets in the early stages of currency crises, and moral hazard entering public consciousness again due to controversial, central bank supported bailouts, Bitcoin’s monetary policy may be more important than ever. And this is why the halving matters. - Aside from any fundamental impact or narrative strengthening the halving is a well-covered event and has the potential to introduce new users to Bitcoin and its unique monetary system.

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