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CIBTC Блокчейн Саммит

Саммит CIBTC Blockchain в конференц-центре Motril с 20 по 21 марта.

Добавлено 30 января 2020

Подпишись на @cibtc_es
18 сентября 2020
MicroStrategy's Bitcoin Investment Thesis
Amidst all of the DeFi volatility, drama and excitement, Bitcoin has started to seem rather boring. Its price is more or less flat to where it was a year ago and you can’t even farm Yams with it. While some have started to view Bitcoin as a useless digital rock, someone did find an interesting use ...
25 августа 2020
Investing Like Crypto Venture Capitalists
The killer feature of cryptoassets is that anyone from anywhere in the world can participate or invest. The open nature of crypto networks has largely removed barriers that restricted early-stage investing to institutional investors like hedge funds or venture funds and allowed anyone to participate...
In an early release of its quarterly financials, Square reported it purchased $875 million Bitcoin in Q2 2020. This total marks Square's highest quarterly Bitcoin purchases ever, besting last quarter by 186%. The company netted $17 million of bitcoin gross profit, which also marked a quarterly best,...

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