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Вознаграждение за блок вдвое

Предполагаемая дата получения вознаграждения за биткойн-блок в два раза. Награда уменьшится с 6,25 до 3,125 монет.

Добавлено 11 мая 2020

On Tuesday, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) revealed that global tax authorities uncovered EUR 10 trillion ($11 trillion) in offshore financial accounts after obtaining data on over 84 million financial accounts held offshore by their residents. The information exch...
Fees are one of the least agreed upon topics in the world of public blockchains. Ask one person and they’ll tell you high fees are desirable because they signal strong demand for blockspace. Ask another person and they’ll tell you low fees are desirable because they provide users with greater access...
River Financial, a bitcoin brokerage started by former Polychain capital employee Alex Leishman raised $5.7 million from his former firm along with Slow Ventures, Castle Island Ventures, DG Lab Fund, Cygni, Pfeffer Capital and IDEO CoLab Ventures. Unlike other crypto brokerages, River is focused exc...
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