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«Binance перечислит четыре пары токенов Binance Leveraged, ADAUP, ADADOWN, LINKUP и LINKDOWN, в 2020/07/16 8:00 (UTC) ...».

Добавлено 15 июля 2020

The oracle problem is one of the most well known problems in crypto. How do blockchains bridge the gap between the on and off-chain worlds? In theory oracles will occupy a critical role in sending and receiving data between smart contracts and the real world. However, while the need is clear, the ad...
03 августа 2020
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #89
Bitcoin continued rocketing upward after last week's break of the bearish trendline, despite the weekend producing a 12% drop. Overall, the price exploded nearly 22% upward to close at $11,071, over 11% higher than the week's open. Euphoria overwhelmed the altcoin market. The marketcap climbed from $116 billion to nearly $...
Cardano completed its long-awaited Shelley hard fork today, transitioning its blockchain from a federated network managed primarily by the Cardano Foundation to a community-run protocol. The new Shelley mainnet introduces Cardano’s proposed Proof-of-Stake (PoS) layer, which allows users to contribut...

3 coins to keep an eye on 👀