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30 сентября 2019

AvantPay | 19

«Avantpay | 19 объединяет экспертов из государственного и частного секторов для решения проблем бизнеса и регулирования в отношении платежей, конопли и крипто ...».

Добавлено 22 августа 2019

Вознагради и подпишись на @potcoin
On Tuesday, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) revealed that global tax authorities uncovered EUR 10 trillion ($11 trillion) in offshore financial accounts after obtaining data on over 84 million financial accounts held offshore by their residents. The information exch...
Today the Electric Coin Company (ECC) released its June 2020 transparency report, reviewing income, expenses and use of funds in Q4 2019. The company ran a $300,000 monthly deficit in the quarter, having received coins at an average of $410,000 a month and while having realized ~$710,000 a month in ...
Today the Electric Coin Company shared that Zcash’s upcoming Heartwood upgrade will activate on mainnet at block height 903,000, which is expected to occur in mid-July. The Heartwood release will deploy ZIP 221 and ZIP 250, which improve interoperability through Flyclient support and give miners the...

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