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30 сентября 2019

AvantPay | 19

«Avantpay | 19 объединяет экспертов из государственного и частного секторов для решения проблем бизнеса и регулирования в отношении платежей, конопли и крипто ...».

Добавлено 22 августа 2019

Вознагради и подпишись на @potcoin
With the recent market turmoil most large cryptoassets saw their year-to-date (YTD) returns turn negative. Bitcoin is now down 15.85% while Ethereum is down 0.95%. The two outliers, BitcoinSV and Tezos had seen dramatic jumps in price earlier this year leaving them still in the green YTD. Messar...
03 февраля 2020
Decentralizing Zcash
“All networks that claim they will ‘decentralize governance later,’ will have to walk a similar path to the one Zcash’s been walking.” – Chris Burniske Funding public goods is hard. Funding an open-source zero-knowledge proof cryptocurrency is even harder. This is the new spin on the classic common...
09 декабря 2019
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #59
Despite BTC's respectable 9.67% range up to $7,772 during the last week, bears rejected the move upward to reclaim the weekly level. The high around $7,632 was still 1.26% short of the previous weekly high at $7,870, creating a lower high and beginning the pattern for a bearish pennant. As Bitcoin starting hinting at a bea...

3 coins to keep an eye on 👀