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Азия Блокчейн Саммит

«Азиатский блокчейн-саммит объединяет компании и людей, формирующих индустрию блокчейнов».

Добавлено 26 июня 2020

Подпишись на @Shipmate01, a cryptocurrency payment platform and exchange, is conducting a token migration from the current MCO token to a new CRO token. The window to swap tokens began on August 3 and will close on November 2. The platform and services will no longer support MCO tokens following the cl...
Cardano completed its long-awaited Shelley hard fork today, transitioning its blockchain from a federated network managed primarily by the Cardano Foundation to a community-run protocol. The new Shelley mainnet introduces Cardano’s proposed Proof-of-Stake (PoS) layer, which allows users to contribut...
27 июля 2020
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #88
The past week brought some signs of life to Bitcoin. The price climbed over 11% from its lows to its highs before closing almost 8% higher than the week before. Meanwhile, the altcoin marketcap surged almost 15% alongside Bitcoin from $103 billion to $118 billion by the weekend. While we wait to see if this week brings ...

3 coins to keep an eye on 👀