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ANON 2020

ANON 2020 в Вене с 15 по 16 апреля.

Добавлено 11 февраля 2020

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After nearly four years of development, the Web3 Foundation has launched the first mainnet chain candidate for Polkadot. This long-awaited network, first envisioned by Gavin Wood, intends to be an Ethereum 2.0-like sharded network that supports various use case-specific chains, called parachains. T...
The Proof of Stake Alliance (POSA), an advocacy organization for burgeoning staking landscape, has published a set of standards to address potential regulatory concerns surrounding Proof-of-Stake networks and related services. The group shared these industry recommendations with SEC back in Feb., as...
Coinbase Custody has partnered with infrastructure provider Bison Trails to give clients the ability to start staking Polkadot’s DOT tokens once the protocol goes live. The news comes a few months after Coinbase’s custody arm launched support for DOTs, allowing investors to claim their token allocat...

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