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Opyn, previously a leverage platform that has since pivoted to insurance has launched on mainnet. By building on top of a generalized options protocol called the Convexity Protocol, Opyn has created an insurance contract for Compound deposits. It works by creating tokenized put options known as oTok...
Pool Together, a "no-loss lottery," has announced they've raised $1.05 million in a round led by IDEO CoLab Ventures with participation from ConsenSys and DTC Capital. The platform operates by users depositing money which immediately goes into Compound to begin earning interest. At the end of the we...
08 января 2020
2020: The Borderless State of DeFi
Binance Research in tandem with their recently acquired DappReview released a report on the State of DeFi looking back on 2019 and providing insight for the upcoming year. The report finds that there were around 40,000 monthly users of DeFi applications. Earlier in the year that was almost entirely ...
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