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Ethereum является публичной децентрализованной блокчейкой, которая обеспечивает одноранговые интеллектуальные контракты без вмешательства третьих сторон. Эта платформа с открытым исходным кодом (прозрачная) размещает и распределяет децентрализованные приложения, тем самым напрямую соединяя одноранговые узлы.
With the recent market turmoil most large cryptoassets saw their year-to-date (YTD) returns turn negative. Bitcoin is now down 15.85% while Ethereum is down 0.95%. The two outliers, BitcoinSV and Tezos had seen dramatic jumps in price earlier this year leaving them still in the green YTD. Messar...
Ethereum Name Service (ENS) developers spent roughly 140 ETH migrating its domain name registry to address a vulnerability in the system. The costly bug, first revealed by security researcher Sam Sun in Nov. 2019, would allow a user to reclaim ownership of a previously sold or transferred address. I...
ConsenSys and Ernst & Young (EY) announced the two firms are developing a new Ethereum-based protocol, dubbed Baseline Protocol, in collaboration with Microsoft. Baseline aims to help enterprises coordinate their large scale enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management...

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