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Cosmos - это совместимый протокол цепочки блоков, который облегчает передачу данных между существующими цепочками. Он работает с использованием модели со втулкой и спицами, которая использует элементы дизайна других цепочек для обеспечения взаимодействия между цепями. Инфраструктура Cosmos содержит алгоритм консенсуса византийской отказоустойчивости (BFT), разработанный Tendermint для защиты протокола.
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Top Cosmos contributor, All in Bits Inc. (DBA Tendermint Inc.), announced it would “part ways” with its IBC (Inter-Blockchain Protocol) and Tendermint Core teams. The two groups of engineers will team up to form a new Germany-based company backed by the Interchain Foundation (ICF) to continue their ...
10 февраля 2020
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Bitcoin bulls continue their rampage upward after support held at $9,100. Last week's candle decisively closed over the weekly levels at $9,533 and $9,753 after covering a 12.40% range. Will the momentum continue this week, giving us a candle close over the weekly and monthly levels between $10,300 and $10,400? Meanwhile, ...
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Last week's 11.42% rise, with a high over 15%, in Bitcoin's price has flooded the crypto market's news with bullish headlines.  The ascending triangle forming along with decreasing volume under resistance at the pivot around $8,465 could be hinting at further bullish continuation - possibly up to $9,000. However, cont...
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