Cosmos (ATOM)

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237 928 231 (Доступно)

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Cosmos - это совместимый протокол цепочки блоков, который облегчает передачу данных между существующими цепочками. Он работает с использованием модели со втулкой и спицами, которая использует элементы дизайна других цепочек для обеспечения взаимодействия между цепями. Инфраструктура Cosmos содержит алгоритм консенсуса византийской отказоустойчивости (BFT), разработанный Tendermint для защиты протокола.
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At a panel held at the Unitize blockchain conference, representatives from the Cosmos, Polkadot, and Terra networks unveiled Anchor, a new DeFi savings product built on Terra that offers yield on stablecoin (Terra) deposits powered by staking rewards from PoS blockchains. The protocol will take thos...
Yesterday the Cosmos team and professional validator Figment Networks shared details on Stargate, the next major Cosmos network upgrade. Stargate will introduce the most extensive set of Cosmos changes to date, including new interoperability features and various performance improvements. The headli...
Coinbase’s custody arm has announced clients can now stake their Cosmos (ATOM) tokens through the custodian. The move allows these investors to lock their tokens on the network and collect inflation rewards on their otherwise idle holdings. Coinbase Custody also noted that its Cosmos staking service...

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