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ChainLink стремится стать полностью децентрализованной сетью оракулов. Он функционирует как мост между интеллектуальными контрактами и приложениями вне сети, чтобы предоставить доступ к ресурсам вне сети, например, к каналам данных, веб-интерфейсам или розничным платежам. ChainLink построен на блок-цепочке Ethereum. Маркер LINK используется для оплаты ресурсов вне сети, требуемых интеллектуальным контрактом.
The oracle problem is one of the most well known problems in crypto. How do blockchains bridge the gap between the on and off-chain worlds? In theory oracles will occupy a critical role in sending and receiving data between smart contracts and the real world. However, while the need is clear, the ad...
03 августа 2020
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #89
Bitcoin continued rocketing upward after last week's break of the bearish trendline, despite the weekend producing a 12% drop. Overall, the price exploded nearly 22% upward to close at $11,071, over 11% higher than the week's open. Euphoria overwhelmed the altcoin market. The marketcap climbed from $116 billion to nearly $...
Gemini has announced plans to add trading support for three more digital assets: Chainlink, Orchid, and Dai. According to the blog post, the Winklevoss-owned exchange will start accepting customer deposits on Apr. 24, and trading will launch “soon thereafter.” The announcement comes a few days after...

3 coins to keep an eye on 👀