Bitcoin (BTC)

$10 110.08 (6.35 %)
฿1.00000000 (0.00 %)
Рыночная кап-ция
$185 942 290 906
฿18 391 775.00
Объем (24 ч.)
$37 277 072 297
฿3 687 119.93
Общее количество
21 000 000 (Максимум)
18 391 775 (Доступно)

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Биткойн - это первая децентрализованная цифровая валюта, которую можно отправлять через Интернет по всему миру, не используя финансовые учреждения, такие как банки. Сеть контролируется многими ее пользователями, а не несколькими объектами.
Early today a Bitcoin UTXO more than 11 years old was spent on-chain. The coins were first mined on February 9, 2009, just one month after Bitcoin was launched. According to CoinMetrics engineer Antoine Le Calvez, the transaction marked the first time since August 2017 that someone spent coins datin...
Despite a 50% overnight decrease in revenue, new miners continue to come online pushing hash rate near all time highs. Yesterday Bitcoin underwent its third halving with new issuance dropping from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC per block. At today’s prices this amounts to a $7.1 million subsidy from new issua...
Bitcoin officially completed the third halving as AntPool mined block 630,000 with a 6.25 BTC block reward according to Bitcoin is programmed to decrease newly issued BTC every 210,000 blocks, which occurs approximately every four years, as the network approaches the maximum supply o...

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