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AntNetworX (OLD) (ANTX)

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AntNetworX aims to help blockchain, Web3 and DeFi achieve mass adoption by providing seamless and accessible dApps for the next generation. We cover a vast range of solutions such as seamless Web3 UI, keyless smart wallet, Decentralised communication and blockchain gigs. AntNetworX has a first of its kind profit sharing model, with revenue and utility burns.
Our mission can be distilled into three constituent parts:
Create highly scalable decentralized applications that provide value to the overall crypto industry.
Help facilitate global crypto adoption by improving current Web2.0 applications and transitioning them into Web3.0 and Blockchain.
Create new income avenues for those seeking work opportunities amenable to receiving payment in cryptocurrencies.

To be recognized as a globally trusted brand that oversees a suite of highly accessible decentralized applications – each one of which is geared towards easing and expediting crypto adoption.
To help bring about a tighter integration between the cryptocurrency economy and the broader, fiat economy.
To reimagine tools that have become ubiquitous on Web 2.0 in a decentralized, block-chain based form
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