Aeternity (AE)

$0.154465 (5.22 %)
฿0.00001682 (6.48 %)
Рыночная кап-ция
$48 664 547
฿5 297.97
Объем (24 ч.)
$10 666 679
฿1 161.25
Общее количество
360 872 364 (Доступно)

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Aeternity - это блок-брейк с полным набором контрактов. На платформе реализованы децентрализованные оракулы, чтобы децентрализованные приложения могли использовать данные реального мира.
28 октября 2019
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #53
Traders bored with Bitcoin's compressed range can relish the nearly 43% surge in the price during last week. The bullish euphoria may be short-lived, though, as a view of the higher timeframes shows a retest of the lower bound of the summer's range.  Will this old support turn into resistance before a further drop? It...
16 сентября 2019
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #47
An impending move draws closer as Bitcoin violently chops bears and bulls alike in the closing triangle. The probability of an upward breakout is slightly higher than a downward plunge since price rose into the current descending triangle, but the final direction is anyone's guess. Meanwhile, the altcoin marketcap holds re...
02 сентября 2019
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #45
Last week, Bitcoin broke the local support around $10,000 before a test of the daily orderblock forming support at $9,300. It remains to be seen whether the price can reclaim the pivot at $10,000, or whether the retest will fail and the price will drop lower for a stop run at or below $9,000. The altcoin market cap continu...
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