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02 дек. 2022
Доказательство встречи сообщества

«Представляем @SushiSwap @LighthouseWeb3 и @CruizeFinance в качестве соведущих крупнейшего в Индии #ProofofCommunity… 19:00–23:00 GMT+5:30».

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Добавлено 22 нояб. 2022

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Decentralized exchange aggregator 1inch is introducing a feature called RabbitHole that's designed to prevent MetaMask users from getting hit by a certain form of frontrunning. The issue at hand is sandwich attacks. This is where a trader frontruns a large buy order by buying the token first, pushin...
Belgium’s financial regulator clarified that crypto assets like bitcoin and ether should not fall under regulation for securities as they have "no issuer." Crypto assets without an issuer — for example those "created by a computer code” — should be exempt from securities regulation, the Belgian Fina...
Binance has released its proof-of-reserves system, starting with bitcoin, in order to show that the exchange is healthy and solvent. This comes just weeks after rival exchange FTX collapsed, after seemingly swapping user funds for other, more illiquid tokens — eventually leading to a liquidity crisi...

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