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Изменить доказательство работы графического процессора

«Изменить доказательство работы графического процессора», декабрь 2022 г.

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Acala Network, the decentralized finance hub of Polkadot, has been breached and its stablecoin depegged from the dollar mark. Early this morning, Acala's Twitter page posted that it noticed configuration issues regarding the Honzon protocol, which affects its stablecoin aUSD, leading to a vote to pa...
Singapore, Singapore, 13th August, 2022, ChainwireTUSD has been endorsed by CryptoQuant, a data analysis firm for cryptocurrencies, ranking in the top eight in the stablecoin efficacy report published July 21. The efficacy report offered an in-depth analysis of eight significant stablecoins in the ...
Velodrome, a decentralized exchange (DEX), has identified a former team member as being the person responsible for a $350,000 theft that occurred earlier in August, the platform announced on Saturday. The DEX platform said anonymous coder "Gabagool"—known for his Twitter handle Gabagool.eth—was resp...

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