Nord Finance (NORD)
01 июл. 2022
Продолжительность связанного стейкинга

«Стейкинг $NORD NXT: стейкинг с привязкой к продолжительности будет запущен завтра в 14:00 по всемирному координированному времени».

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Добавлено 30 июн. 2022

With cryptocurrency prices going up and down, the current crypto market lends itself to making money with volatility. However, traders frequently lose money because they misread the trend and direction, trade emotionally, or do not employ stop-loss and take-profit effectively. Fortunately, Be...
New York, NY, 1st July, 2022, ChainwirePPI, the native token of Swappi, is now available for trading on global crypto exchange BitMart Swappi, an AMM-based decentralized exchange (DEX) deployed on Conflux eSpace, today announced its first exchange listing on BitMart. Swappi's native token PPI is n...
El Salvador bought 80 additional bitcoins earlier today at a price of $19,000 each, according to a tweet from the Central American country's president Nayib Bukele. "Bitcoin is the future!" Bukele tweeted. "Thank you for selling cheap," he added, followed by a winking emoji. The president also share...

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