General Event (CRYPTO) и 2 others
25 мар. 2023
Конференция по стейкингу криптовалют

"Присоединяйтесь к нам, чтобы стать сильнее и глубже открыть для себя концепцию Proof of Staking от величайших умов... |... @ 9:00-19:00 по ...

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Добавлено 05 янв. 2023

Вознагради и подпишись на @alvinTIOx
Reserve Rights (RSR)
25 мар. 2023 (или раньше)
Изменение стейблкоина RPay

«На следующей неделе RPay переведет пользователей приложения с RSV на децентрализованную стабильную монету eUSD, обеспеченную активами 1:1».

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Добавлено 17 мар. 2023

Recent actions by the Securities and Exchange Commission is putting U.S. financial leadership at risk, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said during a Twitter live chat on Thursday.  Compared with countries like the UK, Brazil and Singapore, the U.S is the "farthest behind" in areas such as legislation a...
Decentralized infrastructure protocol The Graph teamed up with web3 fiat-to-crypto gateway Banxa, enabling users to pay with fiat currency rather than just crypto to access its indexing and querying data from blockchains.  The integration aims to lower the barriers to decentralized protocols, making...
A person suspected to be Do Kwon, founder of the Terra blockchain that collapsed in spectacular fashion last year, has been arrested in Montenegro, Yonhap reported, citing South Korean police. Police are awaiting a reply from local authorities in Montenegro after requesting fingerprints for final id...

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