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16 июля 2020
Еженедельный Инсайдер # 49

Обновления команды в 15:30 UTC / 11:30 по восточному поясному времени: Инженерное дело, Сеть узлов, Product / UX, Служба поддержки, Юридичес...

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16 июля 2020
Reddit AMA

«Сэм Каземян и Дэвид Либовиц из Everipedia будут участвовать в проекте r / BAT в четверг, 16 июля 2020 года, с 12:00 до 13:00 по тихоокеанск...

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Вознагради и подпишись на @pramothmufc
Today Grayscale released its Q2 Digital Asset Investment report detailing activity around its cryptocurrency investment trust products. The firm reported a record $905.8 million in quarterly inflows across all products, nearly double the previous quarterly record of $503.7 million in 1Q20. This tran...
ConsenSys released a quarterly report showing the growth of DeFi super users – those who have made at least 100 transactions on DeFi protocols in the quarter. The report breaks down how the biggest users are interacting with the DeFi ecosystem: - Uniswap leads the way with 1,625 super users (includ...
bZx, a decentralized loan platform, opted to distribute its token through Uniswap v2. The team seeded the pool with $500k, and in the same block, a bot was able to purchase 650 ETH worth ($156,000) of bZx which increased the price by 12x after listing at $0.04. As other traders wanted to front-run t...

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