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May 2023
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"Ignite는 Avalanche 생태계를 위한 BENQI의 동급 최고의 DeFi 프리미티브 제품군에 추가됩니다... 메인넷 출시는 5월 초로 예상됩니다."

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SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES, June 1st, 2023, ChainwireWith BRC-30, OKX Wallet users will soon be able to stake BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin to earn passive income on their digital assetsOKX, a leading Web3 company, today introduced its proposal for a new, open-source BRC-30 protocol that enables staki...
Skale Network has released the Levitation Protocol — a Zero Knowledge (ZK) rollup aimed at providing a new scaling solution for Ethereum developers. Skale operates as an ecosystem of more than 20 application-specific sidechains that run parallel to Ethereum. These chains stand to provide scaling ben...
Avalanche, a Layer 1 blockchain network, has crossed 1 million monthly active users for the first time. The recent launch of AvaCloud is the main reason for the growth, according to Ava Labs, the creator of Avalanche. AvaCloud is a no-code platform for launching "custom blockchains," also known as s...

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