20 3月 2018

午後7時〜午後8時ICOとベンチャー資金調達パネル - 午後8時〜午後8時30分ICO&暗号化/ブロックチェーンのスタートアップデモ・ピーチ/ネットワーキング.

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Have you ever wondered why smart contracts are called "smart"? Are they really as "smart" as they are called? Are they as smart as humans? You know the answer: if a smart contract is an algorithm that operates under predetermined conditions, then it is more "executive" ...
Prosecutors in South Korea claim Interpol has issued a red notice for the arrest of Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon, according to a Bloomberg report. The news comes after a South Korean court issued a warrant for Kwon’s arrest on Sept. 14. Days later, after Kwon claimed he was not on the run, South Korea...
The U.S. Department of Defense hired a crypto intelligence firm to review the potential security threat of cryptocurrencies. DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has tasked Inca Digital with developing tools to understand how crypto markets work and help crack down on the illicit us...

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