19 11月 2020

Bitcoin Gaining popularity in Esport gaming

Nobody could’ve predicted the events of 2020, when the whole world became involved in one of the most devastating pandemics in our history. When covid-19 erupted onto the world, governments started to shut down most of the businesses and entertainment. Unfortunately, the industry that was affected heavily was the sports. All matches and games were suspended for more than 4 months and Sports betting enthusiasts started to turn towards other alternatives. This is when the Bitcoin Esports betting became hugely popular and Players from all across the globe got accustomed to its amazing possibilities. So, what is it about Esports Gambling and what does it bring to the table?

Why is Bitcoin Esports betting fun?

Just like with real-life sports, Esports provide undeniable entertainment. These games are full of competition and adrenaline and just like its established counterpart, they provide amazing spectacle for the people who watch and bet on these matches. There are various different types of games you can watch and bet on. Esports gambling can revolve around games that simulate sports, like FIFA or NBA titles. Also, MMA, NFL and many more are available for tournaments. There are insanely popular titles like CSGO, DOTA 2, League of Legends and many more to choose from. All of these games provide different types of entertainment and betting possibilities. The perfect place to partake in Bitcoin Esports Betting are the pioneering crypto casinos such as FortuneJack.

How to partake in Esports Gambling?

All you have to do is enter the crypto casino and choose the games of your liking. The process is extremely easy, and it’s basically the same as the usual sports betting. Just get accustomed to the goal of the game and its rules. After that you can easily choose the winners, losers, score of the game, and many different options, depending on the type of game that you chose. In the case of sports, it can be goals scored, scorers, final results etc. In case of warfare games like CSGO it can be winning teams, player stats, kill count and many more. Just get yourself some BTC and join the Bitcoin Esports Betting website.

Why is Esports Gambling gaining popularity?

The reason behind the fast rise of Esports Gambling has foremost been the quality of the tournaments and popularization during the lockdowns. As far as cryptocurrency and esports go, these two are a match made in heaven due to the benefits that Bitcoin and other cryptos bring to the table. The advantages include blistering speeds of transactions, much higher level of security and most importantly total anonymity, when it comes to Bitcoin Esports Betting. That’s why in the future, Esports Gambling might overtake classic sports betting.


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