Mina Protocol (MINA)
30 12月 2022 (‘またはそれ以前')

「インフラストラクチャをアップグレードして、Mina のために並行して実行されるより多くのネットワークをサポートします。コミュニティが独自のネットワークを実行できるようにします」、2022 年第 4 四半期。.

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27 11月 2022
Puli Token: King of P2E
The Team If you like gaming and you like earning while you play, Puli is the token for you. A proven veteran in the Meme Coin and blockchain gaming categories in the BNB space, Puli is nonstop building for their investor's future. A Certik Audit, Centralized Exchange Listings and a release of the...
Genesis Global Capital is being investigated by U.S. state securities regulators, Barron's reported. It's part of a "wide-ranging inquiry into the interconnectedness of crypto firms, Genesis’ connection to retail investors, and whether it or other industry participants might have violated securities...
Decentralized exchange aggregator 1inch is introducing a feature called RabbitHole that's designed to prevent MetaMask users from getting hit by a certain form of frontrunning. The issue at hand is sandwich attacks. This is where a trader frontruns a large buy order by buying the token first, pushin...

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