Mina Protocol (MINA)
30 12月 2022 (‘またはそれ以前')

「インフラストラクチャをアップグレードして、Mina のために並行して実行されるより多くのネットワークをサポートします。コミュニティが独自のネットワークを実行できるようにします」、2022 年第 4 四半期。.

517 投票

追加しました 09 2月 2022

Mina is inviting you to co-build the zkApps Era with us by being a part of zkIgnite, Cohort 0. Sign up to join zkIgnite, Cohort 0 now to complete tutorials, build zkApps and win rewards from a 250K MINA prize pool.  AVAILABLE PRIZES         &...
Decentralized exchange Trader Joe is launching on the Ethereum scaling chain Arbitrum. The move represents Trader Joe’s first deployment on a new chain since it launched in 2021. Trader Joe has the highest total trading volume across all applications on Avalanche, but has seen significant decreases ...
Solana's biggest NFT marketplace, Magic Eden, has followed in the footsteps of OpenSea in releasing code that allows creators to enforce royalties on new NFT collections. The move appears to be a change of heart from its previously stated stance on creator fees. Earlier in October, the marketplace a...

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