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Shira Cat (CATSHIRA)

Shira Cat (CATSHIRA)

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Shira Cat is a meme driven coin issued on the binance smart chain,that follows the example of other successful Shiba coins like Shiba inu, Floki inu. we also are planning on reaching a value of 100 million Marketcap

The core of Shira Cat is to bring competitive player vs player(pvp) gamers to the crypto community
Due to the crypto gaming scene being dominated by [ Pay To Win] and [ Pay To Earn] Games.
Shira Cat is unique in the sense that we’ve designed the project in such a way that’s its both.
Rewarding and fun so that you will wager your coins and increase your holdings of the coin.
While at the same time having fun, We will be supporting NFTs at launch.with the ability to buy,sell and trade within the game’s marketplace.
We offer NO [pay to earn] or [pay to advance] microtransaction.
the playfield is leveled for all game’s participants.
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