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What is the project about?


SHILLD is a telegram VPN bot white label franchise solution for individuals or entities with a high social media following. Whether you are a musician, an athlete, a marketing agency, a high follower social network group owner, a lifestyle, fitness or a crypto influencer, we can brand a VPN bot solution for you so you can start earning passive income by promoting the product to your audience.

What makes your project unique?

Real hybrid web2+web3 revenue and user traction, 1.5+ years in operation

History of your project.

After launching our first bot 1.5 years ago, we've recently expanded to 9 bot partners and completed a major VPN 2.0 upgrade across all partner bots, causing a 30% increase in revenues in the last month alone.

Real revenues and traction (based on pre-upgrade number): 13.5k+ paying users, 80k+ subscribers and ~30k gross revenues across 9 bot partners.

What’s next for your project?


What can your token be used for?

Payments discounts for VPN subscriptions in our telegram bots, a dextools like model, activating VPN subscriptions for minimum token holders. Web2 rev share for minimum token holders

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