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Shibarium Perpetuals (SERP)

Shibarium Perpetuals (SERP)

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SERP is a decentralised spot and perpetual exchange that permits trades with no price influence and inexpensive swap fees.
A special multi-asset pool that supports trading generates fees for liquidity providers via market making, swap fees, and leverage trading. Chainlink Oracles and an average of prices from top volume exchanges provide dynamic pricing.

Shibarium is poised to become the most exciting new frontier for fans of decentralization. While new beginnings present immense potential and opportunity, it's eat or be eaten out there. Don't go hungry. Inspired by Ryoshi's Vision to empower the people, $SERP is an attempt to educate and arm the next wave of Shibarium traders and investors. $SERP will serve as your premier destination and decentralized toolset to unlock maximum value from a high volume, high throughput, and peak hype environment. Bare your fangs - dinner time is fast approaching.

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