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Shibarium Name Service (SNS)

Shibarium Name Service (SNS)

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SNS is a labor of love. It is a philanthropic attempt at creating something special and necessary for the next generation of builders and crypto enthusiasts.
Shibarium Name Service allows you to mint or buy .inu domain
Every .inu domain represents your wallet so you can receive crypto, NFTs and just about anything else in the Shibarium Metaverse
Shibarium Name Service
Identity matters in web3, we can all agree on that — ENS domains have showed us that people care about the convenience and prestige of owning rare id’s.

If you’re reading this, Shibarium Name Service ($SNS) will be your last opportunity to be very early in the identity game for a blockchain that actually matters. If you are bullish on a new blockchain, you are bullish on all the fundamental components that make up its ecosystem, which includes an identity layer.

$SNS will be striving to be the first, widely adopted name service for Shibarium.

In order to frontrun the upcoming and momentous launch of Shibarium, you will be able to mint your DOGTAG on Ethereum* using $SNS tokens — it will initially be an ERC721 token that will act as your receipt for a .inu domain (additional domains soon) — we are already in talks with upcoming Shibarium blockchain scanner projects to integrate and support .inu domains.
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