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Shiba Cartel (PESOS)

Shiba Cartel (PESOS)

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What is the project about?
Set in the early 2000's in the rural South American town of Queso, Shiba Cartel is a complete cartel strategy game and ecosystem built on the Arbitrum blockchain and powered by NFTs.

What makes your project unique?
Cartels typically rely on a lot of dogpower to help with all that murdering and drug dealing, that's where the Shibes come in. Shibes are versatile little four-legged creatures, as violent as they are adorable. Available in a mixture of styles and appearance choices, with game-altering traits and attributes, the Shibes are the foundation of all good Cartels.

History of your project.
Born February 2023, we aim to be a playable NFT game on the arbitrum blockchain.

What’s next for your project?
Shibes can be sent on Missions around the hoods of Queso to earn different strategic resources like $ARMS, and even capture entire $HOODs. They can be sent to battle with rival Cartels seeking to take your hard earned $HOODs, and earn new $HOODs by defeating them.
Like humans, Shibes have bloodlines, and like humans, Shibes like to do it like they do on the discovery channel. Breed your Shibes to gain new Shibes with traits and attributes that can help your Cartel grow faster, stronger and generate more $PESOS.

What can your token be used for?
Collect different Shibes to build your Cartels power, dominating the local markets as you engage in all manner of illicit activities ranging from drug dealing and prostitution to human trafficking and murder-for-hire.
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