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Shark Protocol (SHARK)

Shark Protocol (SHARK)

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Shark Protocol is the leading price prediction application within the Cosmos ecosystem. It currently operates on the Migaloo Chain at SharkProtocol.Bet, where you can make predictions on the future prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more across four different timeframes.

Shark Protocol is a highly unique price prediction application, as $SHARK stakers act as the house and receive 80% of the fees generated by the platform. In return, $SHARK staking requires opening potential counter positions when there are no opposing plays to live positions. When $SHARK stakers win their counter positions, they receive the winnings as staking rewards!

In other words, Shark Protocol solves one of the biggest problems with price prediction applications, which is a bet becoming void if no one is betting against you. Therefore, when you participate on Shark Protocol, your predictions will always be active!

Join us now on SharkProtocol.Bet and experience the most innovative price prediction application in crypto!
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