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Shadowcats (SHADOWCATS)

Shadowcats (SHADOWCATS)

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Top Cat Coming To Take Over the Inu's Shadowcats plan to not only coming in as the top cat coin on shibarium, but we intend to take over the space one Inu at a time. Every hero needs a villain. Someone to stop them in their tracks and limit their power. We place ourselves at that helm. We are here to tell the other side of the story and give "teh" people an opportunity to make a choice.
Yes, you, "teh" people reading this.
Do you choose to continue to be ruled by the Shiba Inu and their corrupt ecosystem or do you want to make a stand, make a change.
We promise a vision that was initially set out. No ecosystem, no control of power, no authority. A pure outlook on how decentralization should be. A community in control of what they want to achieve and the decisions they make. An opportunity to fight, together, for real change and to take down Shiba Inu.
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