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Sense4FIT (SFIT)

Sense4FIT (SFIT)

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Sense4FIT is a "FIT to EARN" ecosystem that delivers an online concept through a semi-decentralised app, which includes fitness, nutrition, personal development and mindfulness, that will further develop in a hybrid concept with offline sports events, bootcamps and competitions.

Sense4FIT App is a Web 3 Fit2Earn Lifestyle app built on the Elrond blockchain with game-fi elements that has the goal of helping people to become better versions of themselves and get rewarded while achieving their goals.

The Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements help people be more engaged with their lifestyle objectives, while bringing the sports community together.

These experiences will be linked together through the $SFIT utility token, which will have multiple use cases within the ecosystem: rewards, payments, staking and more.

Each component of our ecosystem contributes to achieving our main goal and to create a movement in the Wellness and Fitness industry.
Sense4FIT will have 4 different business units, interconnected in one ecosystem, through the SFIT utility token that will allow customers, users, coaches, business owners - franchise, partners - to use it on each product and to interact within the Sense4FIT ecosystem. The functionalities of the SFIT token can be adapted or extended, depending on the evolution of the ecosystem.
Sense4FIT's unique competitive advantage to execute the vision of a multidimensional fitness experience is given by the team track records and experience.

Our team consists of leading experts in the fields of entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, technology, blockchain, fitness, health and is backed by over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry.
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