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Sendpicks (SEND)

Sendpicks (SEND)

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On-chain Daily Fantasy Sports. Experience true freedom with decentralized fantasy sports betting.

Dive into the future of daily fantasy sports, blending decentralization with exciting rewards, all with no KYC.

Decentralized Betting

Freedom to Play
Experience true freedom with decentralized betting. No KYC, no personal info. Just connect, play, and enjoy your winnings.

No KYC or personal info required.

Full control of your funds.

Daily Fantasy

Make Your Picks
Choose from listed stat projections, decide whether you think it’ll be more or less, place your bets, and plan your way to victory!

Easiest way to make money on sports.

Make watching games more exciting.

Token Benefits
Holding SEND tokens not only empowers your play but also unlocks exclusive benefits, including a share in platform revenue and enhanced payouts.

Hold SEND or bet with SEND for 3x payouts.

Holders with 50k SEND earn 75% of the platform revenue.
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3 coins to keep an eye on 👀

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