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What is the project about?
Built on the Binance Smart Chain, SEEDx is an AMM that uses a limit and Market order book to provide instantaneous trades, pooled liquidity, and innovative yield-generating features.

Trade & Swap
Quickly exchanging tokens inside 0x liquidity Fusion pools is made possible using SEEDx's swap function, while more complex trading options, like as limit orders and Market Order, are made available via the DEX Interface. They enhance the user's shopping experience.

What makes your project unique?
SEEDx offers 0x liquidity protocol i.e listing of new projects doesnt require liquidity.
SEEDx also provides Decentralized orderbook exchange and unique Airdrop Distribution platform.

History of your project.

We are in the field of Blockchain Development since 2018 as a developer but SEEDx is our first project in DeFi.

What’s next for your project?

We are planning for our own Blockchain Ecosystem named ANALOG which will be integrated wiith SEEDx.

What can your token be used for?

SEEDx is governing token of seedx decentralised exchange used for defi protocol on seedx as well as governing seedx ecosystem
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