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SecureChain AI (SCAI)

SecureChain AI (SCAI)

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What is the SecureChain AI?
SecureChain AI is a revolutionary AI-powered blockchain platform that leverages the Intelligent Security Engine (ISE) algorithm to enable the next generation of decentralized applications (Dapps) with enhanced security and speed. By combining the power of blockchain and artificial intelligence, SecureChain AI aims to create a smarter and more secure blockchain platform than traditional alternatives.

What makes SecureChain AI unique?
Gasless transactions, high transactions per seconds (TPS), low block time, in-built AI-Security, and many more features make it better than other blockchains.

History of SecureChain AI.
The SecureChain AI was born because of problems in current blockchain industry. Especially, lack of security and lack of scalability of blockchain applications. The AI-Security and high TPS solves these problems to make real world decentralised applications.

What’s next in SecureChain AI?
The emphasis is to build the ecosystem of various Dapps and services which increases utility and usability of the SCAI tokens by adding value and solving market problems.

What can SCAI token be used for?
The SCAI tokens will be used as native coins of the ecosystem. It will be part of all the transactions of the SecureChain AI network. It will be used in all the products/services of the platform, as well as in all the Dapps which were built as part of the ecosystem.
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