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SeaPad (SPT)

SeaPad (SPT)

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What is the project about?
SeaPad is a fair and trusted launchpad platform on the Sui network that accelerates creative ideas and brings projects to life.

What makes your project unique?
Unlike many other launchpad platforms which focus on the IDO only, Seapad has many options to launch a project based on the project situation such as, Incubator, Seed, Private and Public round.

One of SeaPad’s vision is to help with web3 mass adoption. To make It feasible, the platform will be simple and friendly enough for everyone. Not only the crypto or web3 users but also for web2 and traditional users.

Seapad aims to create stable, long-term revenue and benefits for all users by following the real yield concept.

History of your project.

What’s next for your project?

What can your token be used for?

Higher Priority in Seed/Private Rounds: Although SeaPad does not mandate users to hold SPT tokens to participate in public (IDO) sales, seed and private rounds are distinct. Users staking SPT tokens receive higher priority for participation in these rounds.

Platform Governance: Users can vote on project proposals and system propositions, or even create their own. Voting power is determined by the number of SPT tokens held by users.

Token Earnings: Users can stake their tokens to receive rewards through flexible or fixed plans. They can also deposit SPT tokens in a DEX pool and earn rewards.

Token Swapping/Exchange

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