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Scarab Tools (DUNG)

Scarab Tools (DUNG)

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Scarab Tools is a comprehensive crypto project that aims to provide DUNG holders with a range of valuable tools and features to navigate the world of trading cryptocurrencies effectively. With a focus on sniping new token listings on Ethereum (with multi-chain support in development), as well as building innovative portfolio management capabilities, Scarab Tools offers a wide array of functionalities to enhance users' trading experience.

Scarab was launched by a full-time trader and degen who sniped new Uniswap launches starting in mid-2020. In January 2023 we started development of what turned into Scarab by building a bot that snipes liquidity adds on block 0 as well as allows for manual buys of existing tokens all using multiple private RPCs. Since then we've also added a feed of new tokens and a contract simulator that checks honeypot status and taxes.

Our goal is to make a fully functioning portfolio manager for shitcoins (or, dung). In the coming months you’ll be able to see all your positions including real-time pricing, volume, liquidity, charts, etc. Next to all that info you’ll be able to buy/sell any of those positions immediately. Options will be a % of your bag or just dump it all.
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