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SatsBridge (SABR)

SatsBridge (SABR)

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Capitalización de mercado
$135 207
Volumen (24h)
$64 076
479 481 905 (Máx)
219 481 905 (Disponible)

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SatsBridge's mission is to support the Bitcoin ecosystem, facilitate the seamless transfer of value across different networks through cross-chain methods, and broaden the scope of economic activities for users.
Additionally, it aims to simplify the process of transferring BRC20 tokens toother networks.

SatsBridge's cross-chain asset bridge enables users to move BRC-20 tokens seamlessly between different blockchain networks, offering them flexibility and
accessibility. This facilitates the provision of deep liquidity to the relatively illiquid market of BRC-20 tokens and creates a gateway for users unfamiliar with the BRC-20 ecosystem and its marketplaces.

By utilizing SatsBridge, users can enjoy several benefits and advantages.

Enhance liquidity for current BRC-20 token holders, fostering a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem. Open up various avenues of multiple types of token exchanges, such as orderbook and Automated Market Maker (AMM) systems.

Tap into a fully developed portfolio of decentralized applications (dApps) associated with the ERC-20 token ecosystem, including token locking for team tokens and lending/borrowing
against blue-chip BRC-20s.

These benefits make SatsBridge a valuable tool for users looking to access the BRC-20 ecosystem
and participate in its growth and development.
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