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Sacabambaspis (SACA)

Sacabambaspis (SACA)

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Its journey to the present began in August 2022 when a reconstructed model surfaced at The Natural History Museum of Helsinki, Finland. Twitter user Kat Turk first unveiled the model, sparking a wave of interest that would soon reach unexpected heights.
Sacabambaspis found a second home among Japanese internet users in the spring of 2023. The allure of this prehistoric fish captured the attention of the online community at Futaba Channel (2chan). Suehirogari, a doujin circle with a knack for recognizing internet trends, released a figure of the Sacabambaspis model in March, setting the stage for a cultural phenomenon.

Thanks to the Japanese blog Epinesis, Sacabambaspis found a new audience in the Western world. The blog's tweet, highlighting the "poor quality" reconstruction, went viral, rekindling interest in the quirky fish. Online artists worldwide embraced the trend, flooding social media platforms with adorable fan art under the hashtag #Sacabambaspis.

Sacabambaspis had officially become a global sensation, bridging cultures and continents through the power of the interneT.
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