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RunBlox (Arbitrum) (RUX)

RunBlox (Arbitrum) (RUX)

Capitalización de mercado
Volumen (24h)
100 000 000 (Máx)

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What is the project about?

The RunBlox project, developed by Openblox, will be the first web3 application launched in the #Bloxverse. RunBlox will merge the physical and virtual worlds inhabited by the Bloxes, enabling NFT holders to earn tokens as they move around.

What makes your project unique?

Answer: The focus of the RunBlox project is to create unique experiences that reward users for beneficial activities such as staying in shape and engaging in physical movement. Additionally, the project features custom-designed NFTs, which will be airdropped to Genesis holders.

Could you please provide a brief history of your project?

OpenBlox launched the first season of RunBlox on Avalanche in 2022, and the second season began on Arbitrum today. However, it is important to note that the token on Avalanche is not compatible with the token on Arbitrum.

What are your plans for the project's future?

The RUX token will be listed on CoinStore today, and new app functions will be released.

What are the use cases for your token, RUX?

The RUX token can be utilized for upgrading, staking, and breeding purposes.
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