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MarbleVerse (RLM)

MarbleVerse (RLM)

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100 000 000 (Máx)

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MarbleVerse is a high-quality Play-to-Earn game in the Cronos network

MarbleVerse is a Play-to-Earn game released on Cronos chain, where your NFT Marbles enter races to become the ultimate rolling champion. Once you mint your Marble, you can enter races and earn Rollium tokens by coming on top.

The aim of MarbleVerse is to create an ecosystem where players can both enjoy playing the game and use the marketplace / marble races to earn at the same time. Developed by a team of game developers visual artists, game designers & business developers, MarbleVerse will be available to play on Web Browsers, mobile devices and desktop application.

Rollium is the native currency of the MarbleVerse. Everything in the game will either require or reward Rollium. With Rollium Tokens MarbleVerse players will be able to:

- Upgrading Their NFTs
- Join Special Races:
- Customize their marbles
- Organize Custom Races
- Mint 2nd Generation Marbles
- Make decisions in the development (Governance)
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