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Rezolut (ZOLT)

Rezolut (ZOLT)

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Rezolut is a groundbreaking educational game that offers a unique and engaging platform for individuals interested in learning about crypto investing. Built on the Binance, Polygon, Fantom, Klaytn and Polygon zkEVM chains, Rezolut provides a play, learn, and earn experience through interactive gameplay using real-time data. It’s a place to learn how to invest, test-out strategies & earn real blue chip token rewards in BNB/MATIC/KLAY. With Rezolut, one can learn everything from long-term investing to technical analysis to quick-win scalping strategies.We have been operational since Oct 2021 and grown a loyal userbase with a current engagement rate of 6 hour daily and retention rates of more than 35% even in Week 4.
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