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Reign of Terror (REIGN)

Reign of Terror (REIGN)

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What is the project about?
Experience the cyberpunk world of Reign of Terror through three thrilling games: Awakening for unlocking vaults and win huge prizes, Uprising for leveling up and fusing agents to access higher rarities, and the full game: the premiere XCOM meets MMORPG-style tactical RPG where you establish your cyberpunk stronghold with your various squads of agents each with special skills and classes.

What makes your project unique?
- Participate in escalating tactical and strategic turn-based battles
- Level up and ascend your agents to gain new powers and skins
- Collect agents and run the right squad for the right mission
- Craft weapons, items and equipment and use or sell them on the marketplace
- PvP in asynchronous combat with matchmaking

History of your project.
[DONE] November 8 - NFT PFP Genesis Drop on Fractal
[DONE] November 14 - NFT PFP Community Reveal
[DONE] November 29 - Reign of Terror: Awakening Released
[DONE] February 16 - First Launchpad Sales with StarLaunch and Solanium
[DONE] April 12 - TGE + $REIGN Token Listing

What’s next for your project?
[End April] Awakening Vault Challenge (Community Board Game w/ Grand Prizes) - currently in testnet
[Late May] Uprising (Web3 3D Free-to-Play RPG)
[Q3 2023] Reign of Terror (SRPG Game 3 within the Reign of Terror World) Public Vertical Slice

What can your token be used for?
- Stake your NFTs in RoT: Awakening for Intel to run missions as well as participating in our large community map full of rewards
- Fuse your agents and gear in RoT: Uprising to increase their rarities for increased power and rewards
- Participate in a full in-game economy in our full game
- Fuse agents and items together on chain to increase both its rarity and power on chain
- Stake for multiple in-game benefits
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