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redFireAnts (RANTS)

redFireAnts (RANTS)

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"What is redFireANTS?
The fire ants live in tribes with multiple colonies, all connected. Each fire ant shares its knowledge with its neighbors. Fire ants are excellent recruiters – if a fire ant is faced with a task that cannot be accomplished alone, the message will be spread throughout the entire colonies, and other fire ants will rush to assist. Fire ants can solve tasks together that seem to be impossible. Fire ants will be unstoppable power as they continue building their family and building colonies to support the FireANTS crypto ecosystem. The FireANTS Projects help defend the right of liberty, self-determination, and cultural preservation with the creation of NFTs and Metaverse. The redFireAnts (RANTS) is the first true tribal sovereignty token that will be use throughout native American nations in the United States and other first nations around the world. RANTS were developed to be accepted as a payments system for goods, and services. Also, to earn passive income by staking. Most importantly, FireAnts donates tokens to philanthropic projects that work to reduce poverty, improve education, creates sustainability, and global social impact for humanity.

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