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RecoveryDAO (REC)

RecoveryDAO (REC)

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What is the project about?

decentralized crowdfunding protocol driven by the community

8. REC is the only token issued by RecoveryDAO. Recovery’ goal is to create a credible value asset for Web3 and to help onboard users into a decentralized, democratized economy, with the additional goal of becoming the reserve currency for DeFi, which is one of the ways we can achieve economic recovery.

What makes your project unique?

Recovery is a decentralized crowdfunding protocol driven by the community. In order to consolidate the value of its token REC, the DAO continuously destroys the deflationary token through the protocol, so that it still has intrinsic value to support it even if it falls. Recovery brings unique economic and game theory dynamics to the market through staking and crowdfunding

History of your project.

Nobody. Recovery is governed by the DAO, so all decisions are discussed by community members in the Discord community, and after the proposal is proposed, the nodes jointly vote to decide

What’s next for your project?

What can your token be used for?
Recovery mainly provides two strategies for participants to use: staking and crowdfunding. Pledgers pledge their REC-USDT LP to obtain ecological dividend income, while crowdfunding participants help to burn REC tokens through a decentralized protocol, thereby obtaining contribution rewards set by the protocol. Those who want to participate in governance together can join the community discord. We welcome new members to join and contribute to Recovery together!
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