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Rebel Bots Oil (XOIL)

Rebel Bots Oil (XOIL)

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Xoil is the reward token that Rebel Bots: Xoil Wars players earn from winning PvP battles and in-game events.

Players can use Xoil to recharge their Fighting Bots, or combine it with the Rebel Bots governance token $RBLS and fighting bot parts to fuel the Bot-o-matic factory to build new Fighting Bots and upgrade their army to gain an advantage over competitors in Xoil Wars.

In future Xoil will also be utilized for purchasing Fighting Bot parts from the game's parts shop.

The Rebel Bots: Xoil Wars play to earn game runs on the Polygon network and can be played by obtaining a battle set (1 Land and 3 Fighting Bots) and battling for rewards including Xoil, spark, parts, and leaderboard rewards.
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