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RealMoneyWorld (RMW)

RealMoneyWorld (RMW)

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RealBlock is an open source, self-custody digital asset wallet for regenerative finance, designed to hold keys to the new Internet Computer, Bitcoin and Ethereum.RealBlock believe in the future of blockchain and aims to make the interplay of blockchain more practical by making to access for all kinds of blockchain interactions.

REALBLOCK Wallet aims to make traders unobtrusive by implementing a protocol through smart contracts. Undoubtedly, security is an important factor when building state-of-the-art cryptocurrency wallet software. REALBLOCK Wallet recognizes this and approaches security with great care. We also understand that security and privacy go hand in hand and cannot function without each other. Using proven technology and best practices is the way to maximize security. REALBLOCK Wallet's core infrastructure is built by integrating existing solutions and time-tested methods. Encrypted passwords are stored securely in your browser's local storage along with other sensitive data such as addresses, keys and account information. No online application, website or provider has access to this secure data, giving you full control over your wallet. We use proven open-source solutions to minimize the chance of errors. To minimize the attack surface, all secrets required by zk-SNARKS are derived from the wallet's seed phrase. This also means that users only need to save the original phrase to get all their wallet data, including zk-SNARKS secrets. The following figure shows how a transaction hierarchy takes place.
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